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The "Euro Gamers rated" ranks what we believe to be the best or worst in the game world based on a given topic.

The Games Convention E3 is around the corner - and the inevitable hysteria - we look back at previous events and remember with joy or sorrow, the moments from them.

E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo; this abbreviation and its meaning is like Christmas for all gamers. For a few frantic days in June - this event pumps out more marketing, fleshy trailers and gaming news than during any other time of year.

All the major players have lavish press conferences, which originally was primarily directed toward the industry and its sales agency, but more recently against us end consumer gamers. Before this year's E3, we look back at previous years' conferences and lift out a few unforgettable moments that either changed the gaming industry, giving us a laugh or made us raise an eyebrow properly.

"E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo; this abbreviation and its meaning is like Christmas for all gamers."
The eight most unforgettable E3 moments, place 8-5

8. (E3 2006)

The year is 2006 and the console war is about to take off for real. Both Sony and Nintendo showed off their new devices with great fanfare while Microsoft already had its new Xbox 360 on the market. What stole the show this year was a great coup.

Not afraid to create controversy was Peter Moore, the then head of Microsoft's Xbox division, on stage and reminded everyone how he was a couple of years previously announced Halo 2 with a tattoo on his right arm. He took off his jacket and pulled up the left shirt sleeve with "Grand Theft Auto IV" tattooed - a game series that has previously been intimately associated with the PlayStation platform.

7. Nintendo Wii families (E3 2006)

During the same E3 we were overwhelmed even with video that showed how Nintendo's new console would work: the social hub in the living room around which all came together to dance, shoot and smiling waving hand controls.

Stupidity in the marketing material was overshadowed only by the mandatory name change - from the evocative Revolution to the eternal joke Wii.

And in all seriousness: when did you last see a family together that looks like this in front of a video game?

6. Shigeru Miyamoto makes his entrance as Link (E3 2004)

Say what you will about Nintendo head Shigeru Miyamoto, but he is not afraid to make a fool of himself. From a rather poor representation of the strange game Wii Music, which in 2006 was a Skyward Sword demo shown to be part of larger control problems a few years later.

During E3 2004, he came out on stage with Links iconic shield and Master Sword in hand. Enthusiasm was hard to beat, and he was there to present The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for GameCube. Now it would be delayed a few years before the game finally came out, and it could be shown up several times to (and even upconverted for Nintendo Wii) before it came out, but it all started with this - with an enthusiastic and happy Miyamoto, dressed up as their favorite character.

It is hard to think of many other game creator who could get away with such a maneuver, but Miyamoto succeed. He wears his nerdiness with pride.

5th Project Milo (E3 2009)

There are certain limits that may not be exceeded when it comes to gaming. For example, virtual underage people to interact with the (un) suitable manner. During E3 2009 showed Lionhead Studios up an interesting technology demo to Natal, as Kinect was called at that time.

In the demo interacted a girl with the brand virtual boy Milo and his dog Kate, as the Kinect technology could read the movements, voice and facial expressions. It was depicted as an emotional AI that could react to situations, in the usual Molyneux style was bombastic, revolutionary and innovative.

The whole thing was relatively faked, then the developers sat backstage and detail ruled Milo. A few years later we found out that the project will never reach the market, but that some of the underlying technology instead will be used in the upcoming Fable: The Journey. Maybe it's just as well.

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