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At half past nine on Saturday morning, September 15 appeared gamers from all over the world- yes, the world, and outside the entrance to the Globe Theater were thousands more. Some had brought pillows and sleeping bags. Others had placards with messages written on them. This weekend was going to be historic for the UK e-sports division as the European finals in StarCraft II came to be.

The fans discussed StarCraft feverishly. It was the new patch and again and we had tried the Heart of the Swarm beta but the questions turned and twisted in the queue, there were so many questions to discuss with and all were equally talkative.

The clock struck twelve and the doors opened and we poured into. T-shirts were given to the first 50 and free posters to anyone. Generously, we thought, and gratefully received. Then it was time to find our seats. Behind the doors of the stadium, it was indeed an impressive sight. A large screen in the middle with the other two on each side, a banner that went along the gallery's edge with the text "StarCraft II World Championship Series Europe Finals." The entire spherical hall called in any form of purple and Epic music sounded in the background.

The countdown had begun and it was half an hour until the whole thing was to start "for real". The theater was filled with more and more and the sound levels were maxed like a jet engine. It was really thrilling when the final seconds fell off the screen and entire arena was filled with cries and screams while presenter kicked off the event.

In the intervals were played music and it then it happened, perhaps a little too often,PSY's face lit up the room... again. It also happened that the entire arena gathered in the middle and did Gangnam Style with each other.

To pass the time during the less interesting matches or during a long break was upstairs where you could try out the new expansion but also play against other top players in the booth. Meet the Stars table was rarely without a queue and where I also got my shirt signed by many, more or less known players.



I have picked up two goodie bags with small Japanese gadgets that I will send to some of you as tips. The contents of the bag include chopsticks, a Final Fantasy XIII-pin, a moogle or a black mage-keyring. (I can put up a picture tomorrow night on the stuff!)

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